Telegyan Newsletter # 60

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18 August 2012

In this issue:


The $185,000 dotafrica internet domain name ‘misunderstanding’?

In what could be a costly misunderstanding, the executive director of Kenya’s non-profit DotConnectAfrica (DCA), Sophia Bekele, says her organisation has applied for the .africa internet domain name instead of .dotafrica as indicated by an official Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) list.

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BTC privatisation reaches midpoint

The second of three critical stages of the privatisation of the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC), the registration of a state company to manage the telecommunications backbone currently held by the utility, is nearing completion.

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Technology: Transition from analogue to digital

A national technical committee to study the practicalities of transition from analog technology to the modern digital has been established. As of now, radio remains by far the means of mass communication in Burundi.

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DR Congo:

Microsoft, Apple, Dell and HP Avoiding Controversial Minerals From the Congo

According to the Enough Project, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Dell, and HP have all begun the process of tracking all metals used in production of devices, along with audits to check for metals coming from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Gabon Telecom Internet lowers its tariffs

Gabon Telecom, the first provider of Internet access and a monopolist on the phone services, announced, during a press conference, the decrease in its Internet charges.

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The FM radio station Teranga closed again

The director of Teranga FM radio, Ismaila Ceesay, said on Thursday, that the Gambian government has ordered the closure of the radio, based in the village of Sinchu Alagie in the region of the West Coast. This is the third time the government has ordered the closure of the station.

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Rancard poised to take Africa’s IT market by storm

Rancard, Africa’s indigenous IT support services firm says it is poised to take the African IT market by a storm within the next three years after making great strides in Ghana and Nigeria markets.

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Mobile phone operators on the spot over provision of poor service

Three mobile phone operators, Safaricom, Orange and yuMobile were fined Sh500,000 each for substandard service provision in Kenya. These three were named in a quality assessment report as having failed to meet quality targets. The report was tabled in Parliament on Friday.

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